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Our Infrastructure installation team Master clearly defines the desired results of the project, including how each feature of the infrastructure unit will enable you to achieve your organization’s vision or purpose as a direct result.

The  infrastructure installation team up to create a plan considers who will benefit or be impacted by the project, what future growth is expected, and what additional planning or building tasks will be added later that are not part of the initial project phase.

Master Planning is not exclusive to large projects, but rather it is a critical piece for any project that involves long-term planning, phases spread out over time, or the need for help defining needs and desires for a project’s impact.


The level of detailed planning and certification we provide give clients self-confidence that at the end of the project process, the building will meet their needs. We spend substantial time in meeting with our clients’ stakeholders to develop an authentic and inclusive vision for the project, and then provide a scope of work, phasing plan, floor plans, and sketches.


We cooperate and 24/7 in touch with project stakeholders to complete a Vision Manual. This team often includes people who will be working in or using the completed building, as well as managers from the organization. Together we create a shared vision for the project that is targeted to meet your current and future objectives.


We produce an exact and realistic budget for your project’s completion based on today’s construction costs. The budget is broken down by stages and complemented by a detailed scale of work.

Please get in touch with us today to learn how 3 Kings Dev general constructions can help your future project.

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