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No matter the extent of the development service through our experience, our site development professionals have faced and overcome an extraordinary variety of site conditions. Through consistent and dedicated performance, our team has garnered a wealth of experience that allows us to bring a higher level of planning and troubleshooting to our customers’ site development work.

We foster long-standing relationships with local and state governments and remain proficient with permitting and regulatory requirements, allowing us to shepherd each project through the development process. From land planning to clearing to excavation to pad construction, 3 Kings is able to work with you from project initiation to ensure that your site adheres to local regulations, provides a solid foundation for your planned construction and accommodates your company’s current and future business needs.


We begin every site development project from scratch and the end in mind: your site development project can have a multigenerational impact on your community. By including sustainable development plan and construction services, you can help ensure your sites legacy is a good one.

The Site development process is the ideal time to discuss opportunities to reduce your project’s environmental effect within the site and the surrounding area. As your partner in construction, we will evaluate the potential cost-savings, environmental impact, and overall project benefits. We use our expertise to help clients make educated decisions about their goals and discuss how each decision affects the overall building performance and impact in the short and long term.


During the site development process, we will evaluate the environmental impact of your building on the surrounding area. We will look for ways to alleviate any possibly negative impact as well as look for prospects to use your site exterior to improve your project’s sustainability.


We guide clients through making green sites decisions that balance sustainability goals, initial costs, and development costs. We have helped clients make informed decisions about heating and cooling systems (geothermal, solar, wind), lighting options, alternative energy sources, and implementing energy saving programs.

Construction Process

We are committed to limiting the environmental impact of our construction processes. We employ LEED-certified staff and are dedicated to recommending full system evaluations for clients to help them make the best possible decisions for their project.

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