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Our Pre-construction services team set the stage for getting it right the first time. Thoughtful planning and strategy must be constantly employed during the design process so that all goals (function, schedule, budget, quality, aesthetic, etc.) are met. Successful preconstruction planning leads to successful project completions. Our preconstruction professionals excel at supporting all of our key market niche project types in a variety of delivery models, including design/build, hard dollar estimating, and conceptual estimating and planning.

We believe technology is essential to accurate and efficient project delivery. Our preconstruction professionals use up-to-date technology for everything from organizing bids to preparing estimates with BIM quantities, to project schedules and logistics planning in 3D. We understand that one size does not fit all, so we tailor our services to our clients’ needs starting in preconstruction with continued support throughout construction, commissioning, and occupancy.

A distinct advantage of the 3 Kings approach to construction is in the 4-part reviews during project design. armed with the realities of a contractor’s perspective, design personnel can provide the most efficient and cost-effective design. Feedback on phasing, methods, materials and specifications, contract packaging, and contract administration matters minimizes construction impacts.


​We remove the fear linked with construction by going deeper during Preconstruction planning, preconstruction is the critical step which results in a complete plan that minimizes – or possibly removes – change orders or surprise delays in the construction process. We start our preconstruction process by listening to what matters to you. Fortified with that information, we build a team of professionals distinctively qualified and specially chosen for your needs. Our team of experts will calculate your project goals and create the best approach for achieving your goals. We use commercial data gained over 20 years of successful project results, as well as the pioneering technology that allow us to consider every detail of your project. From budget to value development opportunities, logistics to phasing schedules, safety to email rollouts, we plan for everything.


We are flexible to plan for and work within your desired delivery system. While our range of services and ability to self-perform tasks provide us to confront projects with diverse scopes of work, we want our clients to be profitable through any building process they choose for their project.



We provide thorough details backed by epochs of experience, explaining each detail’s impact on your building’s life cycle and final project costs. As your construction partner, we use our experience to create a “no surprises” construction experience.



Our comprehensively evaluation and analyzes the best approach for your project. From our analysis, we create a plan based on careful consideration of the details. The process includes critical elements such Budget and Design Constructability Reviews, Value Enhancement analysis, preconstruction team collaboration, and lifecycle planning. This allows for accurate schedule development, cost planning, and overall project efficiency.


Please get in touch with us today to learn how 3 Kings Dev general constructions can help your future project.

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